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Text Message Appointment Bookings

What if you could send out messages to all of your contacts and fill all of your empty slots with a few automated text messages? Join our beta to find out how.

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How to Send SMS Text Reminders With Google Calendars

Google Calendars is everywhere. Connected to your email, on your phone, and synced with you appointments. Plug it into your SMS Marketing strategy for easy wins.

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Get Those Stellar Reviews With Follow-up Text Messages

You can't afford not to invest in reviews in today's business climate. But how do you get started when you already have so much on your plate?

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How to Confirm Appoitnments

If you're not confirming your appointments, you likely suffer from a higher than normal no-show rate. Learn how to use confirmations to boost your appointment show-up rate.

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The Impact SMS Text Reminders Can Have On Medical Practices

No-shows cost medical practices hunreds of thousands of dollars a year. Learn about how a simple automation can increase revenues by a staggering amount.

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Unique Calendars

Here's a list of unique calendars to inspire you to get your schedule up to date and maximize how you plan out your day, week, month, and year!