Text Message Bookings

You work hard to show up for work every day and when a client doesn't show up for their scheduled appointment, it means lost revenue and idle time for your employees. So what's a busy business owner to do to fill the gaps to turn a profit? Get a system in place to determine if an appointment intends on showing up like a google calendar text message appointment reminder and offer them an easy solution to reschedule. And for those last minute cancellations, you can send deals to customers to fill those vacant slots.

Automated SMS Bookings

SMS Booking Flow

With a text message booking tool in place you can engage your customers within minutes as opposed to hours or even days.

Text message bookings also follows the natural conversations that take place between people when arranging appointments.

Rather than showing your entire availability, you show a few varied options so you don't overload your customers with too many choices.

Decision fatigue can hamper your customer's willingness to book an appointment with your business. By removing as many roadblocks as possible, you have a customer more likely to book.

Automated RCS Bookings

RCS or Rich Communication Services is right around the corner. In fact, if you're on an Android device, you may already be using RCS without knowing it.

People are getting tired of downloading apps to use a service and companies are struggling to maintain a good quality app with their limited development budgets. RCS seeks to help bridge that gap by utilizing the most used app, Messaging. By giving it a facelift, a whole new world of opportunities open up for businesses and consumers.

Google has deployed RCS on most Android devices in the UK and the US and it's a matter of time before it gains further adoption between carriers.

Considering the fact that text messaging is the most used messaging service in the world (ahead of facebook and email) RCS can really give text messaging new life.

RCS Booking Flow

With RCS you can engage in more enriching conversations with your customers.

By offering your customers more pertinent information about your business's services without overloading them with too much information, it creates an environment ripe for purchasing.

Customers can select options in an interactive manner thus removing any potential errors caused by accidental user input.

We also avoid the pitfall of AI generated conversations that often leaves customers feeling frustrated and ignored.

Automated Reminders and Confirmations

If you aren't sending booking confirmations via text messaging, you're missing out on the easiest way to boost revenue by at least 10%. The average business loses anywhere from 10-20% of their business from no-shows and the fact that you can automate your reminders and confirmations means there is no reason you shouldn't be implementing a text message reminder system.



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