Business Review Automation

Getting Consistent Five Star Reviews For Your Business

It's getting harder to compete in today's marketplace. One bad review amidst just a handful of total reviews can spell disaster for your business. It's not enough to just provide stellar service and products. You need to stay ahead of the game by actively managing how you solicit reviews from your customers.

Reminding your customers to leave a review

The most common strategy employed by most businesses is reminding their customers after a purchase to leave a review. This works if the customer leaves your business with a sensational experience but often times, they just forget and you're left with a dismally few amount of reviews that leaves your business in a precarious situation.

Rewarding customers that leave reviews

A more effective strategy to get reviews is to provide an incentive for your customers to leave a review by giving away a freebie. This works but is often times frowned upon by many of the review sites and can also get costly over time.

It's also difficult to manage as you have to get all of your staff on board to know what the current promotion is along with restrictions so customers don't abuse your offers. It's a lot of work and may even backfire if not managed properly.

Sending automated reminders for reviews

A more effective strategy is to send reminders via SMS text or email 15 minutes to an hour after they visit your business. For a Spa, that could mean integrating your calendar with Rezque and setting a schedule with a template that includes a link to your Google Business or Yelp Profile when their appointment ends. By customizing the script, making it easy for your customers, and getting their attention where they spend the most time in an opportune time, you're likely to get that stellar review and do so without lifting a finger.

A saavy marketer might even set up a campaign to ask customers via text message 30 minutes after their appointment on a scale of 1 -5 what their experience was like. If the customer responds with 5, you solicit a review. And if the customer responds with anything lower than a 3, you ask them for more input and leave it at that.

You can get creative with how you want to integrate your review automation message. The most important part is that you implement a startegy so your business isn't left scrambling when a few bad reviews leads to a slump in sales.


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