Unique Calendar Designs

It can be challenging to visualize all of the relevant schedules in one compact screen. So we've compiled a list of calendars that we like and we encourage you to take a look and submit and calendars that you think should be on this list!

One Page Calendar

One page calendar

Onepagecalendar by David Baker is an creative example of how to visualize all of the days, months, and days of the week in one view.

Teamcal App

Teamcal app calendar

With teamcalapp you can visualize your team's schedule in one view rather than having a bunch of overlapped schedules.

Google Calendars

You can't forget about the elephant in the room. Google Calendars is a simple, yet powerful calendar that integrates with a plethora of tools.

One such integration with google calendars is to send sms reminders.


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